Specialization in all facets for

Marketing companies

We provide Marketing Agencies with a need for an outsourced digital marketing team they can trust and know their customers will be in good hands. Our platform is completely flexible to fit into your stack to elevate your marketing strategy to the next level.

Partner Program

Dedicated Sales and Marketing Support

Every Partner is provided with a kit that will quickly enable your sales team to go to market and sell digital marketing solutions as well as a dedicated team at Cream Digital that is always available to support.

Co-Branded Seminars Webinars

Cream offers co-branded events, seminars, and webinars to help grow our brands together!

Digital Marketing Dashboard & Reporting

Visualize results and progress of your customers growth with us or use as a tool to report directly to your customers. We have quarterly scheduled reports to review some results, progress, and to strategize for future initiatives

Website Audits

Whenever needed Cream can run an in depth analysis of a customer or prospects website to highlight some of the most important changes/needs

Dedicated Marketing Specialist

Our technical resources are always accessible to you and your team for whatever needs you may have.

Cream Digital Discounts

Your business needs Next Gen Digital Marketing too, that’s why we offer you our platform at a reduced rate so you can experience the results just as your end users do as well.